Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment

What is Quality function deployment (QFD)?

QFD is a methodology for carefully listening to the voice of the customer and then translating their needs and expectations into technical requirements in order to satisfy and delight them. It was first developed in the automotive industry in Japan in the 1960s. 

The 4 phases of the QFD methodology

The QFD methodology consists of 4 phases of cascading matrices, sometimes referred to as 'houses' and are summarized as follows:

  1. PRODUCT PLANNING MATRIX (customer requirements): gathering the voice of the customer, the foundation of the QFD process and often referred to as the House of Quality.
  2. PART DEPLOYMENT MATRIX (product requirements): identification of technical product and components specifications.
  3. PRODUCT & SERVICE PLANNING MATRIX (process requirements): manufacturing and assembly process design.
  4. PROCESS & QUALITY CONTROL MATRIX : quality control

The voice of customer requirements identified in the initial House of Quality should permeate the entire process and the product on completion will meet the needs of the customer.

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