Jira product management

Jira product management

What is Jira?

Jira is an issue tracking tool, developed by Atlassian, for software development teams to track stories, epics, bugs and other tasks. The Jira platform includes Jira Core (basic project-management tool, designed for non-technical teams) and Jira Service Desk (an add-on developed for IT teams), but it is Jira Software that is used by software development teams.

How is Jira used in Product Management?

Our own research shows that the majority of product managers (40%) use Jira in the development stage of the product management process to manage their backlog and plan their sprints.

A user story is a way to describe product requirements and is a type of item in the backlog. Therefore, writing user stories are critical when working with Jira. They have the form of natural language, and take the point of view of a particular user expressed in the format: "As a _, I want to _, so that _". A shared language that is universally understood by the product team. Learn how to best work with user stories in Jira.

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