Map your team'sthinking

Solve problems faster and better by capturing and visualizing what the whole team thinks, and based on what rationale.

Available on desktop and mobile devices

Our goal

Quickly clarify what people think, and why!

  • 1

    Formulate the problem and add your initial view

  • 2

    Invite other people to share their views

  • 3

    Use the results to enable a more effective discussion

Our team

The people behind Delibr

  • nils

    Nils Janse

  • erik

    Erik Wenneborg

  • staffan

    Staffan Eketorp

  • farid

    Farid Bonawiede

  • thomas

    Thomas Eriksson

  • anum

    Anum Khan

  • sigge


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Currently we are running a closed beta- program! If you're interested in further information about our solution and trying it out yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us!