PRD Copilot for product managers

Save 50% of your time writing requirements

Go from idea and feedback to a crisp document linked to Jira tickets with the help of a generative AI assistant.

  • Generative AI that helps write requirements
  • Outliner documents that helps organize requirements
  • Bi-directional Jira integration that saves time
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Join product teams in 40+ countries building awesome products with Delibr

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Generative AI for product leaders

Delibr is a document-writing solution with generative AI baked in. Through interviewing and coaching over 500 product leaders we've learned what's important and used it to train our AI.

AI-enhanced product templates
Dive into a diverse range of templates, including PRDs, user personas, and strategy documents. Each one is enhanced with AI to ensure you're not just filling in blanks, but creating documents that stand out.

AI Copilot assistant
Imagine having a virtual assistant that not only reviews your documents but also suggests impactful changes and offers insights on comments. Our AI Copilot is like having an expert by your side, dedicated to elevating the quality of your work.

AI Copilot
Opportunity Solution Tree

Product trees

Product teams face countless feature requests, improvement ideas, and opportunities. A common struggle is: 
How can we organize these ideas to make it easier to prioritize them? 

A tree for every occasion
To help teams organize their insights and ideas Delibr offers three types of Product trees.

Opportunity Solution Trees and Jobs-to-be-Done trees for proactive product discovery, ideation and prioritization.

Product hierarchies for reactive handling of user feedback and stakeholder ideas.

Track initiatives and tasks

Track initiatives and tasks on customizable boards and timeline roadmaps, sequence product iterations, and share them with your team.

Kanban board with epics
Product requirements document

A place for all your requirements

Well-functioning product teams write their ideas down to collaborate. The outline documents in Delibr are the perfect vehicle for this purpose.

It is easy to outline requirements, break them down, capture important decision items, and give input.

The bi-directional Jira integration not only speed up ticket creation, but makes sure information is always synced between the PRDs and Jira tickets, so you don't have to update manually.

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Trusted by product teams around the world

Mikael Holmquist
We have been growing a lot and reached a point where we felt we needed a more uniform process for how to work with product development. Delibr helped us create consistency across different teams.
Mikael Holmquist
Director of Product
@ Storytel
Anton Smith
We didn't really have an effective way of communicating the product proposition we wanted to develop.
Anton Smith
Product Manager
@ Nectarine Health
Photo of Stafanie Stanislawski
Delibr is super easy to use - it has helped me a lot to manage my products.
Stefanie Stanislawski
Senior Product Manager
@ RunaHR
Photo of Joseph
Wonderfully designed software that gets the job done. Delibr allows me and my team of Product Managers to get our thoughts down quickly, get feedback, and then jump right into Jira.
Joseph Guster
Director of Product & Platform
@ DecisionLink
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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I share documents with people outside my organization?

A: Yes. Each document can be shared externally via email invites or direct links.

Q: Is my data secure with you?

A: Your data is very secure with us. Delibr supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption throughout the entire application. SSL is used for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers, making sure that data can only be accessed by people who are authorized.

Q: We have 250 users on our Jira - do all of them need a Delibr account to access information from Delibr?

: No they do not. Delibr functions separately from Jira, and our Jira plugin is free to use. Users in Jira will be able to view tickets created from Delibr and see the content that is synced even without a Delibr login.

Q: What is the price of Delibr?

We charge $10/month per active user, a minimum of 10 users per team. We only charge for active users, meaning if someone on your team has not logged in during the last 30 days we will not charge for them.

Harness AI to ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow