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Harness AI to ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow
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Workflow tool to help product managers capture and structure feedback, translate it into feature documents, and align with team and stakeholders - with AI to generate content and act as copilot

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Gather feedback, conduct interviews, analyze insights, and map them meaningfully into the product’s context.

1. Gather feedback

Collect feedback proactively and reactively from your customers in one place. Automate your inflow of requests with our Zapier integration, and conduct interviews with users and stakeholders with ease.

Gather feedback

2. Extract insights

Leverage AI to simplify the analysis of large bodies of text. Delibr AI helps you extract key data points and user pain points, transforming your collected information into actionable insights.

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3. Organize feedback

Organize insights and showcase your strategy to stakeholders using different trees. Use a Product hierarchy tree for reactive feedback to understand which product part needs improvement. For proactive feedback, use an Opportunity solution tree if you're targeting a specific outcome, or a Job tree to focus on user tasks.

Product hierarchy example
OST example
Job tree example
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Trusted by product teams around the world

Mikael Holmquist
We have been growing a lot and reached a point where we felt we needed a more uniform process for how to work with product development. Delibr helped us create consistency across different teams.
Mikael Holmquist
Director of Product
@ Storytel
Anton Smith
We didn't really have an effective way of communicating the product proposition we wanted to develop.
Anton Smith
Product Manager
@ Nectarine Health
Photo of Stafanie Stanislawski
Delibr is super easy to use - it has helped me a lot to manage my products.
Stefanie Stanislawski
Senior Product Manager
@ RunaHR
Photo of Joseph
Wonderfully designed software that gets the job done. Delibr allows me and my team of Product Managers to get our thoughts down quickly, get feedback, and then jump right into Jira.
Joseph Guster
Director of Product & Platform
@ DecisionLink


Work with the team to refine solutions based on insights. Oversee development, and ensure product alignment with strategy.

1. Solution hub

Present your solution candidates to your stakeholders and involve them in the prioritization of the solutions. Understand and integrate different perspectives to help you make informed decisions.

Solution hub
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2. PRD writing

Say goodbye to tedious documentation. Watch as Delibr AI automatically generates document drafts and then collaborate with the AI to tweak your text. Turn complex ideas into comprehensive documentation more efficiently.

PRD writing

3. Two-way Jira integration

Maintain alignment between your product documents and Jira tickets. This integration saves time and effort, keeping your team in sync and your documentation up-to-date ...

Jira AI 2-way sync2-way sync with AI mobile

... and thanks to our Zapier integration, you can benefit from this regardless of what issue tracker you use

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Harness AI to ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow