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Delibr is a new and fresh tool for writing documents in a collaborate way

  • Write freely, but with structure
  • Enrich with images and links
  • Add questions that need decisions
  • Invite your team to contribute
Delibr Idea
Delibr Discuss

Make the right decisions, easily

With our innovative decision making feature you can easily resolve controversial questions

  • Add and rate options and arguments
  • Make decisions
  • Disapprove if you don't agree

Fits your current process,

Delibr is truly versatile and can be used for most use-cases

  • Development team
  • Product team
  • Project teaam
  • Management team
Delibr Evolving Spec
Daniel Bodner

At Storytel we've been using Delibr for a couple of months, and we love it! Before we found Delibr, we had wasted afternoons of heated cross-team discussions which had stolen the focus of many of our software developers.

We are now very successful in avoiding these unstructured discussions by setting up a Delibr and having very focused and concise meetings for any kind of software development related questions, be it choice of technology, frameworks, design patterns, or prioritization questions.

I can highly recommend it.

Write mode

Write in free flowing mode with enriched structure

  • Write specifications as free-flowing text, starting from a blank sheet
  • Add indentation to text bullets to create sections with headers to the specification
  • Enrich the structure by setting the type of the bullets to questions, options, and pros/cons
  • Use the enriched structure to create reports and to have structured discussions

Deep dive into questions and have structured discussions

  • Comfortably rely on being able to resolve controversial decisions
  • Whenever a decision is controversial, make a deep-dive
  • Jointly add, rate, and comment the options and their pros/cons
  • Have a structured discussion based on a visualization of how the team thinks

Clear picture of decisions and outstanding questions

  • Extract a report from the specification with only the questions and the decided options
  • See at a glance what has been decided and also what questions are open
  • Get a report on the developments since you where last involved
  • Poke decisions you disagree with to trigger a discussion

Involve directly from Slack

  • Use Slack to quickly get input from the team with surgical precision
  • Get notifications on discussions and decisions
  • Ask team members with knowledge on a topic to add options and pros/cons
  • Ask team leads for decisions once a question is prepared
Issue tracking

Linked to issue tracking

  • Link specifications to issues in JIRA
  • Get help with the structure, know where specs belong
  • Never look for the specification, direct link to/from JIRA
  • See the specification in text form directly in JIRA

Integrates with tools you already use

(Coming soon)

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