Outlining tool for
feature refinement

We help you become the Product Manager that is in control of the conversation
from discovery to deploy and unites the perspectives of stakeholders and developers.

"Delibr is my go-to tool when I begin to write requirements for an upcoming feature"

Charis Loveland

Charis Loveland

Product Manager, Agero

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Giving product managers the attention they deserve

We don't think PMs working with feature refinement should have to chase after and piece together the lost who-said-what-when from across different tools, documents and email/chat/comment threads.

A new beginning

One dedicated place to refine features. Structure, collaborate, keep track of questions and capture not only decisions, but also conversations. Seamlessy transform your work into crystal clear Jira epics and stories.

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Visualise conversations
about features in a breeze

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Never lose valuable information

Ready to use types allow you to visualise what you or fellow collegues are thinking. And most importantly, it’s there for you to consult at any time. Never go "How did we come to this decision..?” ever again.

"We now have much more focused and concise meetings. I can highly recommend it!"

Daniel Bodner

Daniel Bodner

CTO, Storytel


Get the input you need,
when you need it

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Turn your notes into a presentation

Use our in-app presentation mode during meetings with your team or stakeholders, and drastically reduce meeting preparation time. Up your presentation game even more and invite anyone to follow along and give input. You can also update it yourself, live.

"Delibr lets us lead successful client sessions where the full potential of the team is utilized"

Fredrik Davéus

Fredrik Davéus

Partner, Kidbrooke Advisory

Keep track of tasks, easily

Tasks are a great way to get input from your team. But keeping track of it is the tricky part. With Delibr you can easily see what's been done. And who you'll have to chase down.. or, send a friendly reminder.

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Go from idea to deploy,

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Create Jira issues in one click

Manually copy-pasting your feature specifications in an issue tracking tool, like Jira, is tedious and painful. With Delibr you can create epics, stories or any other issue type in just one click from your refinement document. Saving yourself hours of valuable time!

"Having the decision dropdown and ability to send user stories straight to Jira is huge for me, this is a game changer."

Frederic Levesque

Frederic Levesque

Product Owner, DocuTAP

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Single source of truth

When you turn notes into Jira issues, you can see all the details via our Jira plugin. And so whenever new topics surface during development, the team can extend the Delibr document, and have all updates reflected back in Jira. No more conflicts between refinement docs and Jira comments!

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And that's not all...

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Easy and intuitive

Delibr makes your work flow. Use it with mouse or keyboard.


Know what happens

Always be aware of what is happening to your documents in between meetings.


Real-time creation

Easily work together in the same documents. And never worry about having to save your work.


Updates with Slack

Link your documents to Slack so your team is always up to date.

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Do I have to change the way I work to use Delibr?

We have made Delibr to fit into the way most PMs already work with refinement documents. So the only change would be writing those documents in another tool. Apart from having a better experience.


Do I need any training to get started with Delibr?

Although no training is needed, we offer a free demo session, to make sure you get the most out of our tool. This is also a good way for us to learn how to be most helpful.


Do I have to write questions to get value out of Delibr?

If you get into working with questions in Delibr, you won't look back. But we also have other powerful features, such as instantly turning notes into a presentation or exporting them as Jira issues.