Structured feature documents that are connected to JIRA

Make sure your team has a shared understanding of your next feature.

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A document tool made for and by Product Managers

With a Delibr document you can …

Delibr app

The Best Product Managers don’t do it alone

Update JIRA for your dev team as you work on your epic in Delibr

No more copy pasting.

Create JIRA issues & epics in just 1 click

  • Create all your tickets directly from your document in 1-click
  • Synced JIRA status in Delibr
  • Synced comments coming soon

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A no-bullsh*t doc your stakeholder will read

  • A document interface that doesn’t require any special training to use
  • Share relevant sections with those who need it instead of the entire document
  • Present to your team and stakeholders straight from your document

Read customer stories

Make smart decisions

  • Track question & decision status
  • See all the pros & cons at a glance
  • Rate options & (dis)approve decisions
  • Log the history of decisions

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Say goodbye to endless documents

  • Collapse sections for a better overview or zoom in when in need of focus
  • Simple, yet powerful editing capabilities to structure your doc in seconds
  • Save & share custom templates to create consistency across your team

How does Delibr compare to your current spec writing tool?

Google Confluence Delibr
Track questions & decisions
Create JIRAs with 1-click
Sync JIRA description
Real time editing
Easy collaboration
Google Drive integration
Templates for epics & specs
Synced status with JIRA

Work faster, better and more effectively

Write specs, manage epics, and stay organized - all in one tool.

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