Smarter feature specifications

A refreshingly simple document tool for ambitious Product Managers, like you.

Work from a single source of truth

One dedicated place to collaborate around features. Connected to Jira and structured the way you like it.

Delibr app Delibr app

Go from idea to deploy in no time

The simplicity of Delibr allows you to structure thoughts and ideas blazing fast. And easy to digest by others.

Not sure what a feature document is? We tell you all about here 👉

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Create any Jira
issue in just 1 click

With Delibr you can create epics, stories or any other issue type in one click from your refinement document. Saving yourself hours of valuable time!

Always up to date

"Having the ability to send user stories straight to Jira is huge for me. This is a game changer."

Frederic Levesque

Frederic Levesque
Product Owner, DocuTAP

Jira Add-on

No unnecessary work

“Delibr helps us keep everything in one place. No need to keep 10 documents up to date when something changes.”

Mikeal Homquist

Mikael Holmquist
Product Manager, Storytel

Ready to create the best specifications?