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Epic Alignment

How the best Product Managers work with feature documents

"This book will focus on some of the most critical skills. You’ll learn specific practices for building and maintaining alignment across team and stakeholders."

- Jeff Patton

What's inside

How can you drive the thinking on what to develop, why and how to do it — leveraging the insights from both team and stakeholders — all the way from idea to deploy?

This book tries to answer the above question. As part of our own product development at Delibr, we interviewed over 300 Product Managers to understand how they work and collaborate around feature development, what problems they face, and the many approaches to solving those problems.

"Epic alignment" describes four broad approaches that we saw help Product Managers excel.

What you'll learn

  • How to drive product development towards impact based on research
  • How to use user stories as a shared language to align your entire team
  • How to write feature documents that drive joint understanding and act as a single source of truth
  • How to tackle the massive amounts of decisions needed for every epic

“The approaches in this book provide a great bridge from Agile principles into everyday Product Management work."

Partner, Educator and Agile Coach at Crisp

“Epic Alignment dives deep on one of the most important and underappreciated aspects of product management.”

Author of Product Management in Practice