What is PESO?

PESO is a framework for categorizing marketing channels and stands for Paid, Earned, Social and Owned. For product managers (PMs), it is important to think about how different feature launches can be handed over to marketing in the rollout plan, and then it is helpful to make sure that different types of marketing channels are properly covered.

Examples of PESO channels include:

  • Paid: All paid ads, for both prospecting & retargeting, of different type e.g. SEM, display ads, video ads, and also non-digital like outdoor ads.
  • Earned: PR, backlinks, sponsor, participating in events organized by others.
  • Shared: All social media mentions, and also referrals from other sites.
  • Owned: Own web page, blog posts, onboarding emails, newsletters, as well as own events, podcasts, webinars, etc.

Whenever a new product or feature is launched, PMs shoulds think through what channels could be used to promote it.

PESO is a part of the work on positioning and marketing mix done in the strategy part of the product management process.

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