LeSS framework

LeSS framework

What is the LeSS framework?

LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) is a multi-team framework for organizations that want to scale agile across multiple teams working on the same product. At its core, LeSS is about how to apply the goals, principles, and key elements of Scrum in a large scale context. 

There are many advantages to agile methodology however it can be difficult to implement agile in a large organization. LeSS offers two configurations and the recommendation is to start with Basic LeSS to learn and gather feedback.

  • Basic LeSS for two to eight teams (10-50 people)
  • LeSS Huge for more than eight teams (50-6000+ people)

The principles of LeSS


The 10 principles of LeSS works by applying the value, elements, and overall purpose of scrum across an organization.

  1. Large-Scale Scrum is scrum
  2. Empirical process control
  3. Transparency
  4. More with less
  5. Whole product focus
  6. Customer-centric
  7. Continuous improvement towards perfection
  8. Systems thinking
  9. Lean thinking
  10. Queuing theory

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