One Page / One Hour

One Page / One Hour

What is one page / one hour?

One page / one hour is both a method and a pledge that teams of product managers can take together. If they do, they commit to not spend more than one hour and to not write more than one page, before bringing their thinking to the team for feedback. It is particularly useful for PRD-writing, but is also useful across many other areas, and also for other teams beyond PMs.

The method was popularized by Matt LeMay, as a way to save time, and to increase collaboration. It is worth noting, that the time saved is not only for the person thinking about and writing the one page PRD, it also saves time for the person not having to read an excessively long PRD. 

One of the main hurdles to successfully adopting the method is that the person who only spends one hour to write a single page will come across as lazy or unambitious. This is why Matt encourages whole teams to take the pledge together.

Matt encourages teams to go to the website he set up to take the one page / one hour pledge.

The one page / one hour method is most relevant the Definition step of the product management process. It can be contrasted with the less lean but more comprehensive Amazon 6-pager method.

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