4 Ds

4 Ds

What are the 4 Ds of time management?

The 4 Ds of time management is a framework to help you down-prioritize doing tasks that come your way, based on 4 different tactics. It is sometimes also known as the 5 Ds, but the last D is not really a tactic. The Ds are: Delete, Delegate, Defer, Diminish, Do.

  • Delete: learning to say “no” and to extract yourself from non-vital tasks and/ or meetings.
  • Delegate: examine the resources available and reassign tasks where possible.
  • Defer: postpone tasks that are not time-critical and to consider if a deadline can be extended.
  • Diminish: reduce the size and scope of the task, so that it will take less effort to complete.
  • Do: high priority tasks that deliver value that require immediate action.

Time management is a critical product management skill, and is related to the Leadership part of the product management process.

Often bombarded with tasks and requests which demand time and attention, the 4 Ds help product managers to stay focused on what is important. Also known as the 4Ds of productivity, it helps product managers discern whether something, put simply, is worth your time.

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