The Outcome-Driven
Product Leader program

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Join one of our upcoming two-day training programs for Product Managers.

What are the tools and techniques we can use to gain more autonomy and build trust as product leaders? How can we help our organization level up and become more outcome-driven? These are the types of questions you will get answers to in The Outcome-Driven Product Leader program.

Course rating
Etienne Namasu
Learning about the Opportunity Solution Tree was super useful, but the discussions around it made the course even more valuable!
Etienne Namasu
Product Manager @ Preglife
Itamar headshot
It was excellent, one of the best online workshops/courses I've been in. Super engaging!
Itamar Gilon
Senior Product Manager @ Compete

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What is the format?

  • Online training program for Product Managers.
  • 2 sessions à 3 hours.
  • Each session includes lecture, discussions, and breakouts.
  • Sessions complemented with exercises and additional 1-on-1s.

What will I get?

  • The core curriculum includes 2 sessions, exercises, and 1-on-1 expert coaching.
  • Network with like-minded people during classes, and access our forum for product managers.
  • For new Delibr users, we also throw in the first three months of a premium subscription to the Delibr product management platform (used for some of the exercises in the program).

Who is this for?

Product managers who are interested in becoming more outcome-driven in their work - who either don't know how, or have tried but it has not taken hold.

What does it cost?

The price is $300 per person excl. VAT where applicable.

Course graduates from:

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Reviews from graduates:

"Great facilitation, high-quality content, packed into two shorter workshops right after work, fair price point."
"Great mix of listening to a presentation, discussing in smaller as well as everyone together. Time flew! Great with slides + recordings and practical homework. Many tips for continued reading and great people!"
"Having a place to discuss with other like-minded product managers that face the same challenges was amazing and having some more structured practice with the Delibr platform was also extremely useful."
"Insightful and easy to follow."
"The breakout rooms were excellent, working in small groups and immediately applying concepts we just learned in theory. Good stuff!"

"Realizing that prioritizing doesn't necessarily require some complicated formula. And that even though I have the right mindset when it comes to discovery and prioritization, having it structured in a simple way is more effective to get stakeholder's buy-in than a more complex method."


Part 1  Introduction to becoming an outcome-driven product leader

We begin by introducing and welcoming everyone to the program, elaborating on the goal of escaping the feature factory to become outcome-driven, as well as introducing the Opportunity Solution Tree method, a central theme throughout.

Session 1

Part 2  Align on a product outcome & learn about user problems

In the second part, we will discuss how to align with leadership on a good product goal focus, and how to conduct user interviews to create valuable insights.

Session 2

Part 3 Prioritize user problems with an opportunity solution tree

In this session we will focus on structuring the agreed product goal and the insights collected from talking with users and communicating that to stakeholders in a way so that you can have them agree on focusing on a user problem rather than immediately jumping to solutions.

Session 3

Part 4  Keep the outcome focus all the way into delivery

In the final part, we will discuss different ways to ensure work continues to go towards the product outcome, as well as techniques for maintaining structure and bringing team and stakeholders along amid an overwhelming level of detail.

Session 4


Nils rund
Nils Janse
Founder and CEO @ Delibr
Author of Epic Alignment


Nicole Landgraff
Product Manager @ Delibr
André rund
André Dantorp
Head of Customer Success @ Delibr

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