End to end development

End to end development

What is end-to-end development?

Every step of a product's development from start to finish is known as end-to-end development. This can be applied to an end-to-end iteration of the product management process from strategy -> discovery -> ideation -> prioritisation -> definition -> refinement -> development -> evaluation.

For a product manager to work end-to-end, they will need to work with a cross-functional team, either full-time or part-time. This includes a full-stack development team, and user experience (UX). Product marketing is also helpful in understanding the entire user journey from first contact to happy customer and putting together GTM plans, nurturing content, sales enablement collateral, aligning onboarding experience, and retention strategies.

In summary, processes, teams, and user experience can be involved in a product’s development from start to finish, but "end-to-end" can also apply to many other scenarios. For example suppliers like an end-to-end advertising agency, will handle everything from creative strategy all the way through to performance tracking and optimization, without additional outsourced vendors.

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