Go from abrupt handover to smooth involvement across the feature lifecycle

The ideal setup sees a gradual handover of features
from Product Manager to Engineering Manager
Recommended process

Messy setup with different tools. Often one abrupt handover from PM to EM.

As it is hard to convey all thinking in one handover, this leads to misunderstandings, re-work, frustration, and to suboptimal solutions being implemented.
Bad process example

With Delibr, PM can smoothly involve EM across the feature lifecycle...

Recommended process

...and they can work side-by-side in documents that evolve throughout the process

Example document with division between PM and EM
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Omar Underwood
We now have much more detailed tickets in Jira.
Omar Underwood
Product Manager
@ Byte
Tom Droste photo
Being able to connect our documents to Jira and Figma has been extremely helpful.
Tom Droste
Technical Lead
@ Secret View

In-doc Jira issues

Don't waste time on updating or navigating back and forth between epic documents and the related Jira issues

- Just indicate the relevant parts of your epic document as Jira issues and enjoy full 2-way Jira sync.

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Delibr enables Product Managers and Engineering Managers to collaborate better

The playbook for mastering feature documents

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Quickly get to a good starting point

Modular template...

...lets you start clean yet cover all relevant topics. Learn more

Modular epic document templates

Bullet outliner...

...lets you move at the speed of thought, with structure. Learn more

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Effectively create a shared perspective

In-doc user story map...

...gets everyone on the same page, literally. Learn more

User story maps

Structured decision-making...

...lets you facilitate and track key questions. Learn more

Team clarity
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We wrote the book on how to work with feature documents and user story maps

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Save time, maintain a single-source of truth

In-doc Jira issues

- indicate sections as Jira issues to enjoy full 2-way sync. Learn more