Structured decision-making

Share your product thinking and bring your team on board

Avoid endless discussions in meetings or Slack threads
- Articulate questions right in the document to trigger tracked and structured decision facilitation where you can bring in team and stakeholders.
Team clarity

Facilitate structured decision-making at speed,

cut to the core and close the loop, no more endless meetings or Slack threads

Questions in documents

Powerful tracking of decisions within your PRDs,

no more keeping a separate decision-log and struggling to keep it up to date

Track decisions in PRDs

Make your decision-making transparent,

so that you can harness the insights from across the organization, and get better decisions as a result

Mentions and comments in documents

Easy to mention or assign team and stakeholders, pulling them into a familiar template where they can comment or provide structured input as options, pros, cons, ratings, decisions, or (dis)approvals

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Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow