In-doc Jira issues

Your PRD just put Jira on autopilot

Don't waste time on updating or navigating back and forth between epic documents and the related Jira issues  
- Just indicate the relevant parts of your epic document as Jira issues and enjoy full 2-way Jira sync.

Unbroken flow across PRD and Jira,

no more copy-pasting info to new Jira issues or updating it back and forth as things change

Unbroken flow acress PRD and jira
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Wonderfully designed software that gets the job done. Delibr allows me and my team of Product Managers to get our thoughts down quickly, get feedback, and then jump right into Jira.
Joseph Guster
Director of Product & Platform
@ DecisionLink
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Delibr has been very helpful in our development process. Delibr allows us to track all our experiments on boards and use the outline documents as a single source of truth. Being able to connect our documents to Jira and Figma has also been extremely helpful.
Tom Droste
Technical Lead
@ Secret View
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Single source of truth for epics,

no more navigating back and forth across PRD and different Jira issues with comments to try to understand what it is about, what status it is at, or to give input

Smart PRD documents

The place to refine user stories before Jira,

no more overflowing backlog with items that lack relevance or enough context/detail

Future release backlog in document

Jira is great for managing execution of detailed tickets, but mixing those with half-baked ideas will only cause confusion. Benefit from a proper place to think through ideas. Let Jira be Jira, get backlog into shape.

Omar Underwood
We now have much more detailed tickets in Jira
Omar Underwood
Product Manager
@ Byte
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Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow