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A new level of structure for your product thinking

No more struggling to capture and organize all daunting amount of information you face
- Delibr is a deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful outliner that takes you to a whole new level of structured thinking.

Get a structured single source of truth,

so that you can avoid being overwhelmed by information overload

Structured documentts
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What we really needed was a way to capture our user centric discussions, a way to structure our conversations. Structuring was always the key problem. Whenever we're discussing something we have a strong tendency to go into depth first. We will go all the way down into a problem, then back up. All the way down the next problem, and then up again. Normal text editors just don't work for that.
Miika Savela
Product Owner
@ Jobilla
Mikael Holmquist
The outlining functionality! This is in essence what makes it possible to keep all the information in one place and let all the different type of stakeholders and collaborators use the same document, but at different detail levels!
Mikael Holmquist
Product Manager
@ Storytel
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Embed your workflow in the document,

so you won't need to update info for Jira issues elsewhere or keep a separate decision-log

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Reveal dependencies with backlinking,

so you know what epics must come first, and then see how far away they are from being done

Dependencies with backlinking

Easily create document links that are automatically added as backlinks. Get nudges to do this from the template, and easily see status of decisions and Jira issues related to the epic on the kanban board

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Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow