December 9, 2020

Five things you didn't know that you can do in Delibr

Five things you didn't know that you can do in Delibr
André Dantorp
André Dantorp
Head of Customer Success
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The general use case of Delibr is pretty straight forward and known to most of our users: structured documents that integrates with Jira. However, there are a lot of nifty features designed to help you with specific tasks that are worth checking out. Here's a shortlist of our favourites 👇

1. Instantly turn your document into a slide presentation

If you've ever had to create a slide presentation based on the information from an actual working document you know how painstakingly dreadful it is to do that kind of double work. With Delibr you can turn any document into a slide presentation in seconds, and present directly from the document.

Read more here.

2. Create links to specific parts of your document

It doesn't always make sense to send a link to the entire document for someone to review. Often you want someone to look at a specific part of your document. Delibr lets you create specific URLs for specific parts of the document that you can send to your colleagues or use as reference links, saving them from unnecessary cognitive overload.

Read more here.

3. Batch-add several Jira tickets directly from your document

If you've ever had to manually turn a document into Jira tickets you will praise the lord all mighty for the batch-add feature in Delibr. Sam Evans, one of our customers, once said "It definitely saves us hours, if not days."

Read more here (scroll down to section 2).

4. Visualise your ideas with images and gifs

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words and when that's the case it makes a lot of sense to attach said picture to your specification document. In Delibr you can attach images and gifs. If your designer has created designs, make sure to add them to your documents!

Read more here.

5. Use keyboard shortcuts to work at the speed of thought

User interfaces that holds you back when you know what you want to do can be frustrating. The keyboard shortcuts in Delibr are incredibly useful for avoiding this problem. You can use them to move sections around in the bullet structure, collapse and expand sections for better visibility, open the bullet menu and much more.

Read more here.

If you want to explore these features in more depth send a mail to or book a video demo here.

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