Opportunity solution tree

What to build next?

Many product teams struggle with answering the question: what to build next?
By creating an Opportunity Solution Tree you can effectively chart a path for how to achieve any desired outcome, while at the same time guide and inform your product discovery.

Supercharge Discovery by working with
Opportunity Solution Trees

Easy to get started with Opportunity Solution Trees

  • Start with our opportunity solution tree template.
  • Switch from document view to OST view.
  • Add cards as you gain more and more insights from user interviews.
  • Watch the tree grow!
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Easy to maintain structure as they grow

  • You have watched the tree grow gradually with all the user insights you're adding, and boom! it's huge.
  • Collapse branches to be able to focus on what's relevant right now.
  • Zoom in to get a better view.
  • Sort the branches with drag and drop.

Connected with the rest of your workflow

  • Link user quotes to the relevant opportunity in your tree to not lose track of where quotes came from.
  • Navigate to the interview document to get the full context of the quote.
  • Link risks you have anticipated with a possible solution to an experiment where you're planning to verify that risk.
  • Navigate to the feature document to get a sense of where the risk came from.
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Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow