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How to best build a feature

Figuring out how to best solve a problem is integral to any product teams’ success. Delibr makes this easier by enabling teams to create a single-source-of-truth for each of the initiatives they are working on. This source-of-truth can be shared with anyone, connected to Jira for a smooth transition into delivery, and...

Supercharge Discovery by working with
Opportunity Solution Trees

Easy to get started with Opportunity Solution Trees

  • Start with our opportunity solution tree template.
  • Switch from document view to OST view.
  • Add cards as you gain more and more insights from user interviews.
  • Watch the tree grow!
OST gif1
OST gif2

Easy to maintain structure as they grow

  • You have watched the tree grow gradually with all the user insights you're adding, and boom! it's huge.
  • Collapse branches to be able to focus on what's relevant right now.
  • Zoom in to get a better view.
  • Sort the branches with drag and drop.

Connected with the rest of your workflow

  • Link user quotes to the relevant opportunity in your tree to not lose track of where quotes came from.
  • Navigate to the interview document to get the full context of the quote.
  • Link risks you have anticipated with a possible solution to an experiment where you're planning to verify that risk.
  • Navigate to the feature document to get a sense of where the risk came from.
OST gif

Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow