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Writing Assistance

Help streamline the writing process. Easily generate high-quality, professional documentation that effectively communicates complex ideas. It provides guidance, support and flexibility to generate new text in different ways.

Draft screenshot


Create new draft text with ease, the AI assistant will generate a draft based on the input provided.

AI continue screenshot


Continue writing on a first line of text, helping to overcome writer's block.

AI brainstorm screenshot


Brainstorm ideas, quickly generate multiple options and ideas based on input.

AI Option screenshot


Add options to a question and get suggestions on how to organize them effectively.

AI pros and cons screenshot

Pros & Cons

Add pros and cons to an option, or any other input, to evaluate the best course of action.

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Product Management Best Practice Support

Help product managers adhere to best practices. Easily create high-quality documents while adhering to industry standards and maintaining consistency. Get guidance across the product management process.

AI Snippet

Don't write your next PRD alone...

Quickly and easily generate draft copy for a section of your document, such as a PRD, using a snippet template. By providing input and a template, our AI can help you fill in key information like measure of success, risky assumptions, alternative solutions, use cases, user stories, acceptance criteria and more.

AI template

...or any other type of document

Create a complete document using a document template. This can be useful for creating a business model canvas for a competitor, or any other document types you may need to create, by providing input and a template our AI will assist you on filling all the document with the information you need.

Feedback, Optimization and Insights

Get unbiased and detailed feedback on your writing, with suggestions to ensure your writing is clear, concise, and effective. Optimize your text for clarity and conciseness. Instantly distill key insights from across a larger body of text.

AI feedback menu


Get feedback on your text with suggestions on how to improve it.


Provide input on how you want to rewrite your text and get suggestions on how to improve it.


Get detailed, actionable and human-like feedback on your text, providing insight on how it is perceived by others.


Quickly get to the main points of your text by condensing it into a concise summary.


Identify and correct errors in your document quickly and easily.


Identify key information, user problems, product pain points and feedback in any text to improve your product.

Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow

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