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Jobilla leveled up their product document game with a move from normal text editors to Delibr

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The Company

Founded: 2016, Helsinki, Finland
Size: 84 FTEs
Industry: Recruitment technology

Jobilla is a trailblazer within modern recruitment technology. Through their platform, relying on digital advertising and content driven marketing, Jobilla helps companies across Europe identify and connect with the best talent around, even candidates that are not actively looking for a new job.

The Challenge

"Structuring information was always the key problem"

Like many product teams Jobilla often uses documents for describing customer problems and requirements. Doing this in 'normal text editors' became a pain, because no matter how they tried to organize it all, they experienced either one of two problems:

  • Their document became too filled with information, to the point where it was too long and unruly to do any work in
  • Their document got broken down into many sub-documents, and no one knew where to find what they where looking for any longer
Quotation marks
Antti Rössi image
What we really need is a way to capture our conversations, and a way to structure them. Structuring has always been a key problem.
Antti Rössi
Co-founder and CTO
@ Jobilla

The Solution

"Heavily impressed with the tree structure in Delibr documents"

The product team at Jobilla moved from Google docs over to Delibr in order to level up their document game. By capturing their product conversations in the structured Delibr outline, they could go into details without clogging up their documents.

Quotation marks
Quotation marks
I was heavily impressed by the tree structures in Delibr. What I really like is that we can have deep discussions, collapse them and leave them, but still have a broad top-down view.
Rizqi Djamaluddin
UX Designer/Researcher
@ Jobilla

Today, the main use cases Jobilla are using Delibr for are:

  • Describing customer problems
  • Drilling down on solutions
  • Preparing epics and stories for Jira
  • Persona and use case mapping
  • Problem discovery

The Result

The team at Jobilla agrees that they are much more effective at capturing conversations, compared to when they did so in Google docs.

Antti lists a few benefits he's seen since the move:

  • "We can now keep everything in the same document, without the document becoming too big and hard to work in. Having all the details in the same place has been very helpful for us when it comes to building a shared understanding and thinking better about the customer problems."
  • "They natural format of the bullet outline help us keep things concise and to the point, which has a great value in itself."
  • "As CTO I really like the Jira integration. It helps us connect the more detailed docs with tasks in Jira, and have made our Jira tickets much more detailed also. It has greatly improved the quality of our Jira's."