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Harness the endless potential of AI

Lets product managers create high-quality documents and save time with the help of AI.
Let the AI create drafts, give feedback, and create new documents based on existing PRDs.

Dynamic templates

Help product managers adhere to best practices. Create high-quality documents while adhering to industry standards and maintaining consistency. Get guidance across the product management process.

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Writing help

Help streamline the writing process. Generate high-quality documentation that communicates complex ideas. Get support and flexibility to generate text in different ways.

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Feedback & revision

Get feedback on your writing, with suggestions to make it clear, concise, and effective. Optimize your text for clarity and conciseness. Distill key insights from across a larger body of text.

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Create new, high-quality documents based on your existing PRD. Stop writing executive summaries, help center articles, or marketing briefs by yourself. Let the AI assistant help you create a quick, high-quality draft that you can tweak.

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Two-way Jira integration

Sync all your product documentation with Jira. Saves time when creating epics, and stories, and makes sure your product documents and Jira tickets are always reflecting the same information.

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Docs that live across the process

Product hierarchy
Product Hierarchy gives the PM structure and helps stay on top of all potential features to build.
Solution Hub lets the PM prioritize solutions with stakeholders, taking different perspectives into account.
Now-Next-Later Roadmaps let the PM align on their plans with the rest of the organization.
Timeline Roadmaps let the PM align on their plans with the rest of the organization.
Opportunity Solution Trees let the PM connect goals to user problems and down to potential solutions.

Ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow

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