We bring feature specs to life

Delibr will keep your feature specs agile during implementation, while having the team involved and solve controversial questions on the go in a structured way. No more obsolete specs!

1 - Idea to specification

Write feature specs in a fun and free-flowing way, and enrich the structure with questions to be decided.

2 - Solve outstanding questions

Involve the team and escalate controversial questions by adding, rating and commenting options and pros/cons in a structured discussion.

3 - Let the spec evolve

Allow the feature spec to evolve during implementation, while keeping the team involved over Slack, by letting them see reports on new questions and decisions.

Product Hero

1 - Idea to specification

  • Specify the feature either as a single person or in a small group by a whiteboard
  • Write the specification down as a series of questions and decisions, and when relevant, also add alternative options, and pros/cons
  • If any question is not ready to be decided, leave it open and involve the team
Delibr Idea
Delibr Discuss

2 - Solve outstanding questions

  • Quickly review the specification as a list of questions and decisions
  • Escalate open and controversial questions by adding, rating and commenting options and pros/cons in a structured discussion.
  • Make decisions based on structured discussions.

3 - Let the spec evolve

  • New questions can be added at any time, even during implementation.
  • If anyone disagrees with a decision it can be poked. Then the team can add, rate and comment the options and pros/cons in a structured discussion.
  • People no longer involved can keep an eye on how the spec evolves and engage in the spec when necessary
Delibr Evolving Spec
Write mode

Write in free flowing mode with enriched structure

  • Write specifications as free-flowing text, starting from a blank sheet
  • Add indentation to text bullets to create sections with headers to the specification
  • Enrich the structure by setting the type of the bullets to questions, options, and pros/cons
  • Use the enriched structure to create reports and to have structured discussions

Deep dive into questions and have structured discussions

  • Comfortably rely on being able to resolve controversial decisions
  • Whenever a decision is controversial, make a deep-dive
  • Jointly add, rate, and comment the options and their pros/cons
  • Have a structured discussion based on a visualization of how the team thinks

Clear picture of decisions and outstanding questions

  • Extract a report from the specification with only the questions and the decided options
  • See at a glance what has been decided and also what questions are open
  • Get a report on the developments since you where last involved
  • Poke decisions you disagree with to trigger a discussion

Involve directly from Slack

  • Use Slack to quickly get input from the team with surgical precision
  • Get notifications on discussions and decisions
  • Ask team members with knowledge on a topic to add options and pros/cons
  • Ask team leads for decisions once a question is prepared
Issue tracking

Linked to issue tracking

  • Link specifications to issues in JIRA
  • Get help with the structure, know where specs belong
  • Never look for the specification, direct link to/from JIRA
  • See the specification in text form directly in JIRA

Integrates with tools you already use

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Try Delibr for free, no credit card needed!

Try Delibr for free

No credit card needed!